Become an Ordained Minister

The Universal Life Church Ministries is a nondenominational nonprofit religious organization open to people from all belief systems, creeds, and cultures. The ULC has ordained more than 20 million ministers and continues to welcome people into its family through its online ordination process. In addition, the ULCM offers support to ministers through a wide variety of tools, services, and resources. No matter what your spiritual, personal growth, or service goals are, we invite you to join our broad and diverse community of ministers from all over the world.

Becoming Ordained

Our Worldwide Ministerial Community

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By completing our ordination process, you become part of our online global community of ministers. Through various social media channels and our discussion forums, you can connect with other ministers to share information and insights, take part in engaging discussions, collaborate, or enjoy moral support. Our ULC Ministers Network is an excellent starting point for new ministers, serving as a robust communication and social networking platform. Signing up for an account is easy and gives you access to these and other benefits.

Moreover, you can connect with our community on other platforms. Join us at our official Universal Life Church Ministries Facebook page, where you can discuss religious issues and current event. You can also check out the ULC Blog for thought-provoking posts about religion, culture, and social justice issues. While you’re there, you can always share your thoughts with us in the comments section of each post.

Tools, Resources, and Support for Ministers

Ordination isn’t the only benefit that the ULCM offers. Beginning and experienced ministers can access our website training materials and guides as well as obtain printed books and other tools from our online store. We recommend that the newly ordained start with our Ministerial Training Center Ministerial Training Center to learn basics such as officiating a wedding ceremony, presiding over a funeral, and filling out marriage licenses. Our Training Center also features financial and legal information that’s essential for those starting their own ministries. You can also build a custom ceremony script with our wedding ceremony script generator and research state and local marriage laws.

Meanwhile, the ULCM Bookstore carries a huge array of resources to aid you in your ministry. Our collection includes ministerial guidebooks, religious texts, spiritual development handbooks, and texts on ministry-related legal issues along with documentation of ministerial credentials, clerical attire, and more.

Easy Online Ordination

The ULCM ordination process is done online and only takes only a few minutes of your time. You’ll receive a confirmation email after completing your application, so be sure to read it thoroughly and keep it for your own records as receipt of your ordination. To get started, you will just need to click the button below and follow some simple instructions:

  • Fill out the form with your full legal name only. If you use a nickname or alternative name, your ordination will be considered invalid.
  • Include capital letters where appropriate
  • Enter only factual information on the form.
  • Before submitting, double-check to confirm that you’ve entered your email address accurately.
  • Verify that you’ve spelled your name and capitalized it correctly.

Please note that using fictitious names or the names of animals and other people will invalidate your ordination. The ULC also reserved the right to revoke ordination requests that are submitted with fraudulent information. To learn more about the ordination process, please review our FAQ page.

The ULC Ministries Welcomes You

The ULC Ministries encourages individuals from any faith to become ordained. It’s the first step to becoming a licensed minister, and your ordained status is valid for life. Whether your goal is to officiate weddings or launching your own ministry, getting started is easy. Once you’ve filled out an application and received a confirmation email, you’ll officially be a part of our Universal family.

Note: This site is owned and operated by the Universal Life Church Ministries and is not connected with the "Universal Church Kingdom of God" or any other group bearing a similar name.