How to Become an Ordained Minister

Looking to get ordained? The Universal Life Church Ministries is a non-denominational spiritual organization that accepts anyone who feels called to ministry. We provide all our called members with free ordainment: empowering them to speak truth to power, encouraging them to pursue answers to the "big questions" in life, and giving them legal authority to perform weddings, funerals, and many other types of spiritual ceremonies. Applying for online ordination is quick and can be done right here on our website.

Easy Online Ordination

The ULC ordination process is done online and only takes only a few minutes of your time. You'll receive a confirmation email after completing your application, so be sure to read it thoroughly and keep it for your own records as receipt of your ordination. To get started, you will just need to click the button below and follow some simple instructions:

  1. Fill out the form with your full legal name only. If you use a nickname or alternative name, your ordination will be considered invalid.
  2. Include capital letters where appropriate.
  3. Enter only factual information on the form.
  4. Before submitting, double-check to confirm that you've entered your email address accurately.
  5. Verify that you've spelled your name and capitalized it correctly.

Please note that using fictitious names or the names of animals and other people will invalidate your ordination. The ULC also reserved the right to revoke ordination requests that are submitted with fraudulent information. To learn more about the ordination process, please review our FAQ page.