We are all children of the same universe.

Welcome to the Universal Life Church Ministries

Universal Life Church Steeples

For decades, the Universal Life Church Ministries has invited people from all faiths to join our ranks, both as ministers and members of a wider faith community. Our mission contains two core tenets: promoting religious freedom and the charge to "do that which is right." These guiding principles inform everything we do, including ordaining ministers online, supporting a wide range of charities, and fighting for those whose liberties have been violated.

Online Ordinations

To date, the ULC Ministries has ordained more than 20 million ministers worldwide. Online ordination is a free and easy process that's open to people from all faiths, giving them the opportunity to practice their beliefs and do good in the world. ULCM ordination is valid for life and legally recognized throughout most of the United States and in some nations across the globe. Ordination also grants ministers the ability to preside over weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other religious ceremonies.

Doing Good in the World

Moreover, many ministers ordained by the Universal Life Church Ministries also launch their own ministries to serve their communities. The ULC Ministries offers support to ministers with a wide range of tools and resources, including free training materials on our website. We offer guides for performing many kinds of ceremonies as well as ceremonial script generators and vital information about state marriage laws, beginning a ministry, and more.

The ULCM's Ministry Supply Store also carries useful resources and tools to help ministers learn and grow. Choose from minister handbooks, wedding ceremonial guides, reference materials, legal guidebooks, religious texts, identification cards, ordination credential packages, ministerial supplies, and more.

We Are All Children of the Same Universe

Through online ordination and church services, the Universal Life Church Ministries reaches a global audience while following our key belief that "we are all children of the same universe." Whether you desire to begin a new spiritual journey and infuse your life with deeper meaning or you seek like-minded individuals who hold similar core values, the ULC Ministries welcomes you with open arms. Your next adventure begins now!

Universal Church vs. Universal Life Church Ministries

The name "Universal Church" has been connected to various religious organizations throughout history. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church was originally called the Universal Church way back in the second century. And the word "Catholic" is actually derived from a Greek term, "katholikos," which means "universal".

Over the years, the name has been used to refer to a wide range of organizations – although the universal nature of this phrase can cause confusion as to what’s actually being referenced. To varying extents, the name has ties to the Christian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Ecumenical Movement, The Unitarian Universalist Church, the Universalist Church, and the Universal Life Church.

The beliefs and tenets of our organization, the Universal Life Church Ministries, are laid out throughout this site. We are a religious organization independent of any other. The Universal Life Church Ministries is not connected with the "Universal Church Kingdom of God" or any other groups bearing a similar name.