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Several different organizations have operated and continue to operate under the name “Universal Church”.  In fact, it was the original name of the Roman Catholic Church in the second century. The term “Catholic” is itself derived from the Greek word “katholikos” meaning “universal”. The name is so heavily utilized by such a large collection of organizations that it can be confusing to determine which organization someone is referencing when they use it. Varyingly, the name is still used by the Christian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Ecumenical Movement, The Unitarian Universalist Church, the Universalist Church, and The Universal Life Church.

The Universal Life Church has ordained over 20 million ministers across the globe, and that number is growing every day. It fights for the right of all of its ordained ministers to practice and preach their religion in the manner of their choosing, a freedom expressly granted by the First Amendment. The institution also works diligently to disseminate large volumes of information about all things religious, including educational materials designed to train its ministers to perform various functions as well as coverage of religious and spiritual news.